Restaurants, caterers, event promoters, casinos, hotels. companies: This product is for you !!!

LogoWipe is a new concept of wet-wipes that allows you to print your logo and information, all while improving your customer service.


LogoWipe is packaged by you own logo and is transforms to your own publicity sign.

Our humid towels are made of Spunless (non-woven) or Viscose which is biodegradable. Both materials offer a cotton sensation on the hands of the user. We have a large choice of fragrances such as Vanilla, Arctic Ice, Roses, Lemon, Apples, Milk & Honey and more.

  • Clean your hands before or after your meal at a resaurant.

  • Refresh your face (Airplanes, hotels Trains etc.).

  • Remove stains.

  • Clean tables and other surfaces.

LogoWipe is a marketing tool which will associate your brand name to a concept of clean and practical product. LogoWipe becomes your new business card.

Our products are manufactured and supervised under laboratory conditions and facilities and are reaching the highest standards in the world.

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